Prozac 10 mg

Prozac (fluoxetine) is a drug used for the treatment and prevention of certain conditions as determined by your doctor. It's mainly used to treat depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but can also be prescribed for women that experience the unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric syndrome, including irritability, bloating, mood swings and breast tenderness. Suicidal thoughts and some other symptoms can sometimes be the serious side effects of taking Prozac. Certain age groups are more vulnerable - for instance, people younger than 24, which is why they are required to show up for the doctor's appointment regularly during the first couple of months of the treatment. If you have a child in need of treatment you need to discuss with your health care provider the option of taking Prozac to make sure the benefits outweigh potential risks. If you happen to have any strange and unpleasant symptoms they should be reported to the doctor that prescribed Prozac. The symptoms that should cause concern include severe restlessness, worsening depression, agitation, extreme worry, thinking about harming yourself, abnormal excitement, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, irritability, difficulty falling asleep, and aggressiveness.

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